AMG Technology Videos

All Things Media LLC. created a series of Advanced Technology videos for Mercedes-AMG. These videos covered the strategy behind the design of AMG vehicles utilizing an x-ray effect to reveal the components under the hood.

These videos were a team effort by the many talented artists at All Things Media LLC.

My Roles & Responsibilities:
Environment Look development and client pitch
Environment Artist - Created textures and materials, lit shots, dressed geometry with forest pack.
Scene Assembler - deployed modular environment for a multitude of shots across 5 videos. Also assisted team members on a shot to shot basis.
Render Wrangler - Monitoring renders, exposing and alleviating inefficiencies, Deadline Monitor queue management.
Environment Compositor - Established look and feel of final environment comp, adjusted on a per shot basis.

Jonathan caro jctech pd shot13

Vehicle hero shot showcasing environment detail.

Jonathan caro jctech pd shot14


Jonathan caro jctech pd shot14 comp


Mercedes-AMG | Performance Design

Jonathan caro jcamgtech lookdev

Original look development plates I created as environment pitch material for client.

Jonathan caro jcshot16 breakdown

Some of the render elements controlling the backplate comp.

Jonathan caro jcenviocomp overview

Nuke flow for environment renders. (NOTE: Matte paint of sky and mountains not seen here.)

Jonathan caro jcshot 16 max wireframe

Backplate shot in 3ds Max viewport.

Jonathan caro jcshot 16 max wireframetop

Above view showcasing the size of the scene. We locked forest pack to camera FOV to aid in render speed.

ATM | CG Breakdown of AMG Technology Videos