Mercedes-AMG Powerwall

All Things Media LLC. developed a two-screen, interactive real-time Unity 3D driven experience that can literally "explode" every car in Mercedes-AMG lineup. The power-wall is a 2016 winner in Motionographer's Motion Awards, and a runner up for Unity's 2016 awards.

The creative and technical prowess of the All Things Media production teams were able to push optimized CAD vehicles and vehicle components through Unity game engine in order to meet over-reaching scope of the application.

As a 3D artist I've been tasked with large data management and prep for Unity import, and vehicle surfacing & lighting within unity game engine.

As 3D Supervisor I carry on the tasks as an artist while maintaining production timelines/deliverables, new hire training for production specifics, and quality control on team asset deliveries.
Additionally, I've had the direct responsibility of defining the look and visual aesthetic of the next generation version of AMG powerwall.

Jonathan caro amg gts coupe


Jonathan caro amg gts coupe front

Before Vehicle Explode

Jonathan caro amg gts coupe frontexplode

After Vehicle Explode

Jonathan caro amg gts coupe driver

AMG GTs Profile

Jonathan caro amg gts coupe rearaction

AMG GTs Diffuse and Door detail

Motion Awards 2016
Interactive > UI/Visual Design: Mercedes-AMG Powerwall

Jonathan caro max 01

Viewport image showing helper's Artists had to create in order to control explode state in Unity.

Jonathan caro max 02

Viewport image showcasing topology of an optimized Unity game engine ready asset.

This provides an idea of the vast amount of vertex data Unity is handling per vehicle.

Jonathan caro gts paint gi light

Ambient Occlusion maps were baked ouit of 3ds Max and V-ray for use in Unity.

Jonathan caro gts wheels gi

Wheel ambient occlusion maps.