Cadillac Virtual Reality

A showcase of my work on the 3D environment for this Cadillac Virtual Reality Experience.
This ground breaking VR app was a team collaboration created by the talented folk at All Things Media LLC.
My Role:
Look Development in conjunction with design team
Environment Modeling - Retopo and clean up of provided CAD model.
Environment Texturing for PBR material workflow in Unity Engine.
Environment Light-mapping - Rendered light maps from V-ray in order to bypass Unity's lighting engine.
Unity Scene set up - Assisted in creating Time Of Day system. Also responsible for custom reflection probes, and material set up.

Cadillac | Unity VR Demo

Jonathan caro jc caddy day01

360 Day

Jonathan caro jc caddy dusk01
Jonathan caro jc caddy dusk03
Jonathan caro jc caddy dusk02

360 Dusk

Jonathan caro jc caddy assetbreak

Envio asset breakdown in Unity

Jonathan caro jccaddylightmaps

Day and Dusk lightmaps used to light the scene for Virtual Reality.

These were rendered from V-ray and controlled via the emission property of the Unity material.

Cadillac Environment Reel