Outrun Office

Inspired by an http://archillect.com/ image from its twitter feed, I used the reference image as a driving force for experimenting with the volumetric fog and lighting set up from the Unity Adam demo. (Resource pulled from https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/VolumetricLighting)

This scene uses a mixed lighting setup, where a clean bake is done using area lights, and some emissive materials are contributing to real-time GI.
Some creative liberty had to be taken when realizing the full room, I imagined area not seen in the reference image as some monitoring station for whatever experiments may be taking place.

Corinne Cook assisted with prop modeling and texturing, be sure to check out her page here:

*All images rendered directly from in game at 3840x2160. No editing/post effects were done to any of these images.

Jonathan caro reference

Reference image from Archillect

Jonathan caro outrunoffice 01

Reference angle from Unity

360 (Drag image around with mouse or fingertip)

Jonathan caro outrunoffice 02
Jonathan caro outrunoffice 03
Jonathan caro outrunoffice 04

Top down

Jonathan caro outrunoffice breakdown