Subway Exit: Light & Color Study has yet again struck me with inspiration to create a game environment from one of its sourced images. I allotted myself approximately 3 days to model, unwrap, texture, layout and light this scene with the end result culminating in a couple shots using cinemachine.

I'm very impressed with how artist friendly cinemachine is within unity, in the past I'd have to defer to a programmer colleague to author scripts to switch cameras, or have events trigger at certain timings. Cinemachine allows me to do this using plain English and no voodo magic C#.

This scene also allowed me to test out Unity Technologies new frame capture plugin which pumped out a nice 4K 60fps EXR sequence.

Jonathan caro subwayexitrefjc

Reference angle in engine

4K 60fps output from Unity's frame recorder. Total render time approx 10 min.

Jonathan caro subwayexitsignjc

Sign details

Jonathan caro reference


Jonathan caro lightmap postprocess

Lightmap & post process settings

Jonathan caro gradeab

Before and after color grade

Jonathan caro scenelighting

Combination of realtime and baked global illumination.